Surgical steel posts and wires are used unless otherwise noted.

“…my wife LOVED the earrings. She was truly impressed, both with how cool they are and the fact that I picked them out.You have a very cool and unique product.”Deuce S.

I’ve been gone most of the day and just got home. In my mail box was the package from you. I absolutely LOVE the earrings. They are gorgeous and I’m thrilled that they are made from something I enjoy doing—shooting. These are fantastic. Thank you so much. I knew they would be fantastic, but they exceed my expectations.Sue D.

Thank you, I love [my earrings] so much, bought them at Bordertown, so I showed my daughter your website and she loves them. So that will be part of her Christmas present.—Brenda

Nice Earrings! My wife really likes her earrings and look forward to seeing you down the trail!—Jim


Chance Encounter Earrings
Price: $45.00
Sunny Days Earrings
Price: $50.00
Honey Dooze Earrings
Price: $50.00
Second Chance Earrings
Price: $50.00
T.T.'s Buds Earrings
Price: $60.00
True Grit Earrings
Price: $60.00
Cutie Pies Earrings
Price: $60.00
Price: $65.00
Sunny Side Up Earrings
Price: $70.00
Patootie Earrings
Price: $70.00
Price: $80.00
Myra's Song Earrings
Price: $85.00
Winter Bonnet Earrings
Price: $85.00
It's a Doozie Earrings
Price: $95.00
Sunflower Earrings
Price: $110.00
Myra's Gold Earrings
Price: $135.00
Winter Ice Earrings
Price: $135.00
Sunkist Bonnets Earrings
Price: $135.00
Winter Beauty Earrings
Price: $145.00
Golden Sunflower Earrings
Price: $150.00
Choctaw Gold Earrings
Price: $155.00
Fading Memory Earrings
Price: $160.00
Aztec Sun Earrings
Price: $180.00
Classic Beauty Earrings
Price: $195.00


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