Custom order hatbands are welcome and encouraged. Below are some examples of custom hatbands. They can be as flashy as you like, or subtle…it is entirely up to you!

The Gunsmoke Hatband
Price: $475.00
Tequila Sunrise Hatband
Price: $750.00
The Outlaw Hatband
Price: $750.00

Please contact Lady T. to explore the possibilities for your own special Bullet Splat® Hatband.

“Since I shoot B- Western I wanted something different, eye catching and over the top  from everyone else. After receiving my hatband from Lady T all I can say is WOW!!!!! Thank you Lady T. —Your friend Slick McClade. 3-time National & 2-time World Champion B-Western

Slick McClade’s Hatband: Slick decided on the gorgeous “Slicker than Ice” Splat to adorn his beautiful hand carved black leather band made by J.P. at Rockin’ Double J Leatherworks.

Tennessee Tombstone’s hatband uses Splats that have been softly patinated, toning down the shine. This leather band was also hand carved by J.P. at Rockin’ Double J Leatherworks.

Perfecto Vaquero’s Hatband: Another beautiful hand carved leather band by J.P. at Rockin’ Double J Leatherworks. Perfecto chose to use her namesake Splats (Perfecto Plus!) alternating with the smaller Slicker than Ice Splats to create a stunning hat band.


I really appreciate the hatband, it is beautiful. Looks great on my hat. —Thanks, Rounder

Love this hatband hi-lighted with these solid silver Bullet Splats. Lady T has done a fantastic job in creating something not only useful but with beauty and class. When your hatband is adorned with Bullet Splats such as these, your know your gonna have a good day at the range.—……….Widder

Have an idea for your own special piece?

I’m happy to create something special for you. Tell me what you are envisioning, and we will work together to make it happen. Use your imagination, or use mine; the possibilities are endless. Send me an email and we'll get started.

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