Bullet Splat™ Jewelry Pendants are available as a single item, or with a 1.5mm thick, 20″ adjustable sterling silver chain with a lobster claw clasp.

Really, truthfully, and fully honest…BJ really likes that necklace…I gave it to her on Christmas Eve and she wore it to her folks that night…and at my mom’s house on Sunday. She even wore it to church on Sunday morning.…She not only wore it,  but she told me numerous times that she really liked it.—Widder

I got the gorgeous pendant and again, I absolutely love it!! It’s really more than I expected. Looks really good with the earrings too. Thank you so much. —Sue

My wife really enjoys the bullet splat earrings and pendant. Needless to say they were a hit among her friends; they had never seen anything like them before!—Bart

Three Strand Nugget Necklace
Price: 1,600.00
20 Inch Sterling Silver ADJUSTABLE Chain (Style May Vary)
Price: $65.00
Winter Bonnet Pendant
Price: $65.00
Winter Ice Pendant
Price: $80.00
Winter Violet Necklace
Price: $80.00
Choctaw Silver Pendant
Price: $80.00
Fading Memory Necklace
Price: $95.00
Choctaw Gold Pendant
Price: $95.00
Serendipity Necklace
Price: $105.00
Eagle Nest Necklace
Price: $110.00
Majestic Sun Necklace
Price: $145.00
Aztec Gold Necklace
Price: $170.00
Majestic Gold Necklace
Price: $215.00
Joy-O! Beauty Pendant
Price: $340.00
Silver Nugget Necklace
Price: $475.00

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