Bullet Splat™ Jewelry Cuff Links, Money Clips, and Scarf Slides

I had never shot a clean match until I purchased a bullet splat scarf slide.  Although I can’t REALLY say the scarf slide helped me, I do know I looked good after the match when I was bragging about shooting clean.—Horse Doc

I got the neatest lil’ .32cal splat ear stud from Lady T. this summer. I get more questions and comments about it when the band plays somewhere.—Blackwater

The bracelet arrived yesterday, and it is perfect. Thank you. —Roger

I asked Lady T to design a splat bracelet for me and it is everything I had hoped for. I love all my splat jewelry, but this is really special.
I get comments (and compliments) every time I wear it.
—Appaloosa Honey

I love my necklace and scarf slide, they are beautiful.—Linda

Three Strand Nugget Necklace
Price: 1,600.00
Myra's Gold Cuff Links (Set of 2)
Price: $215.00
Majestic Gold Scarf Slide
Price: $235.00
Winter Beauty CuffLinks
Price: $275.00
Classic Beauty Money Clip
Price: $295.00
Tequila Sunrise Money Clip
Price: $325.00
Silver Nugget Necklace
Price: $475.00

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