I love my Bullet Splat jewelry! From earrings to scarf slides to button covers—each piece I wear has a unique beauty all it’s own. Lady T’s designs are well executed and her workmanship is outstanding, not to mention her customer service! I will be a repeat customer for a very long time.
—Miss Cubbie—2012 Winter Range…4th Classic Cowgirl, 4th Lady Traditional Wild Bunch.

Since I shoot B- Western I wanted something different, eye catching, and over the top from everyone else. After receiving my hatband from Lady T all I can say is WOW!!!!! Thank you Lady T.
—Slick McClade. 3-time National & 2-time World Champion B-Western

Lady T., attached is a picture of my wife, KJ, wearing her earrings at a monthly match…thought you might want to see a picture of them in action. She really loves them.
Thanks, Deuce

KJ Stevens, 5 time Michigan Overall Womens’ State Champion, and winner of 9 overall state titles.

I really appreciate the hatband, it is beautiful. Looks great on my hat. —Thanks, Rounder

Love this hatband hi-lighted with these solid silver Bullet Splats. Lady T has done a fantastic job in creating something not only useful but with beauty and class. When your hatband is adorned with Bullet Splats such as these, your know your gonna have a good day at the range.—……….Widder

My wife loved them and thought they where very unique. She also liked the necklace that preceded the earrings. —Doc Wire (Don Smith)

Johnny Watts, Co-owner of the Cactus Rose Saloon sports his fancy tie pin.

Barkeep Richard of the Cactus Rose Saloon with his tie pin.

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