The ULTIMATE Helmet (and Gear) Holder


The ULTIMATE Helmet Holder™

You will wonder how you ever did without this new product. Helmets are notoriously hard to hang. They constantly fall and roll around on the ground or in the floor of the truck or trailer. NO MORE.

The ULTIMATE Helmet Holder™ solves that problem once and for all. Its Gravitational Leverage™ patent pending technology, allows this versatile gadget to hold the helmet securely, keeping it clean and off the ground, while letting it air out and dry out. 

A pre-drilled hole in the back makes it easy to mount on a wall in the tack room, at home, or even in a trailer or RV. The swivel hook gives you even more options on where to hang it.

With so many styles and brands of helmets, every helmet and situation is different. The ULTIMATE Helmet Holder™ is made of vinyl coated steel, and as such, it may be gently adjusted to work with YOUR helmet.

Depending on the helmet and the situation at hand, it can hold a helmet from the front, side, or even the back. 

Whether it is a riding helmet, biking helmet, construction hard hat, or even motorcycle helmet, this gadget is truly The ULTIMATE Helmet (and Gear) Holder.

Christmas is coming, and this product makes an awesome and affordable gift.

For a personal touch, names can be added for a small additional charge.



Doubles as the ULTIMATE Gear Holder!

It holds more than just helmets!

Throw your chaps on it, and then put your helmet in it. You can even hang a bridle from it, or a bag.



It is also the ULTIMATE Boot Holder!

The ULTIMATE  Helmet (and Gear) Holder also holds BOOTS!

Tired of boots falling over and getting creases in the ankle area? Hang them up with the ULTIMATE Helmet (and Gear) Holder.

There are so many possibilities…Ball Caps, Belts…the list goes on and on.




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