A solution of liver of sulfur is used to achieve the wonderfully iridescent colors on various pieces. The images below are a small representation of the widely varying results that may finally adorn the piece. Not two are alike…not even the left and right earring are the same. It is not an exact science, but rather based on time, temperature, strength of the solution, and other variables. Most often the colors go thru a progression, beginning with gold, orange, maroon, red, purple, blue, green, and finally dark gray or black. The items with the maroon colors where taken out quickly, whereas the items with the blue/green colors were left in a bit longer. The Outlaw Badge and the Jedi Badge were left in until they turned black, then the high points were polished to a shine.

The pieces do not have a sealant on them, it has been found that sealants affect the color and/or vibrancy of the colors originally achieved. That said, with proper care, the colors by themselves will last a good long time (months, if not years). Keeping the piece in a small plastic baggie when not wearing it, and refraining from excessively touching or rubbing it with your fingers will help retain the colors. Over time the colors will change…and you may find you actually like the changes better than the original colors! Rest assured, you are most welcome to send the piece back to be “refreshed” when needed at no charge…you simply pay the return shipping and insurance.

Blue Lagoon_lr Blue Kepi_lr_pair Blue Honey Dooz_lr_pair Colorful Memories_lr Dusky Rose_lr_pair Madison Blues_lr_pair

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